• It’s fresh and healthy Fresh Farmed Sablefish from Canada, Kirari
  • Saltspring Island Mussels
  • Salmon from the Faroe Islands
  • Sea Grapes from Vietnam
  •  fresh lamb


We Bring Health and Safety from Around the Globe.

Earth is a spectacular symphony between the great oceans, blue sky and nature.
Blue Link's "Blue" represents the color of blue from the ocean and sky.
"Link", to express our promise to dedication and devotion.
With our commitment and passion, we are expanding our connections around the globe,
bridging the world and our customers with clean and safe food products.
Our aim is to provide, safety and health, link people and culture, and enjoy the smile of satisfaction.
We are Blue Link.
Our pursue for excellence never ceases.

Blue Link Limited  3F Tamachi First Bldg., 230-17 Tamachi, Chuo-Ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, 430-0944